Folkwin Expert Recovery - Scam Recovery Company

What the general public rarely understands is how numerous and often scam cases occur. Fraud doesn’t just happen to gullible old people in retirement homes, it can happen to anyone including you. The reason behind this is that scammers constantly work on new ways to extort people’s money and personal information. 


Fraudsters are constantly on the lookout for a new target and they prey on people’s desires, decency, and even desperation. The scammers work in groups to make complex strategies and practice social engineering, so eventually, anyone can become their victim. To make things worse these deceitful organizations constantly find new ways to trap people. 


Wherever there is an opportunity for making money, scammers will try to infiltrate. As long as there are people who want something, like love, security, and a desire for better life con artists will try to exploit that. This is the reason why scams are so pervasive and always take a new form. Since they are so numerous we have selected a list of common ones and we would like to present it to you. 



Advance Fee Inheritance Scams, 

Agribusiness Scams, 

Carbon credit Scams, 

Credit Trading Scams, 

Charity Scams, 

Diamond Scams, 

Early Pension Release Scams, 

Fortune Telling Scams, 

Gambling & Casino Scams, 

Insurance & Warranty Scams, 

iTunes Gift Card Scams, 

Land Bank Investment Scams, 

Loan Fee Scams, 

Parking Ticket Scams, 

Rare Metal Scams, 

Real Estate Scams, 

Share And Bond Scams, 

Small Business Scams, 

Student Loan Scams, 

Travel Prize Scams and Unregulated Investment Scams.