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GTinvestors is an unknown trading service provider. It does not share much of its corporate information such as trading conditions, initial deposits, trading platform, and leverage ratio. Although, the entity claims to have several financial products for trading. It has no significant presence on the internet, also no contactable details were found.

Is GTinvestors Regulated? 

GTinvestors is an unregulated platform, presumably based in New York, USA. It has failed to provide any legal evidence about its legitimacy. The entity seems to be an illegitimate one and operates illegally, just like several fraudulent online trading platforms.

How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With GTinvestors?

GTinvestors is a highly suspicious platform. It lacks credibility as well as transparency. The entity's official site is unreachable and it seems to have shut down its business. Therefore, we recommend not associate with such an illegal entity for any sort of investment.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By GTinvestors?

GDinvestors has received negative feedback from the investors. It has received a warning from the American regulator The Financial Commission. In case, if you have any fraud complaint against GT investors, connect with us. We will make sure you get back your funds.

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